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Hi, I'm Clarisa!

Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. Born in Argentina, moved to Utah at age 4
  2. Wife to a brilliant tech nerd
  3. Mother to 3 really awesome sons
  4. I LOVE PIZZA! I will never say no to a slice (unless it has mushrooms, ew.) I also have a weakness for dark chocolate.
  5. I love to travel! Especially if it involves sunshine and warm sand between my toes.

My memory is pretty weak unless I have a photo, so I almost always have a camera within reach at all times to document the occasion. Even the small moments: like when I caught my toddler hiding under the coffee table and eating chocolate Nesquik powder straight out of the jar with a spoon! Or when we were visiting Hawaii and we drove to Sunset beach to watch the sky change colors and witnessed people park in the middle of traffic to stop and enjoy it too.

Sure, roll your eyes, but who's your go-to person when need a picture of that one something or another? Yep, me! :D I am passionate about documenting life and love sharing this gift with others.

Utah Family Food Photographer Evolve Photography

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky"

—Michael Scott

My Family

My husband is my greatest support and cheerleader. I love doing the same for him with his dreams and goals. He's an avid reader and has an inquisitive mind and is always teaching me about the most random stuff.... and I love it! He encourages me to try new things and is extremely patient with me while I navigate through life overanalyzing everything. ;)

Our dates range from rock concerts or local theater performances, to grabbing a pizza and playing 2048 in the car while sitting in a parking lot, or simply snuggling on the couch and dozing off at the end of a long day. I like doing nothing and everything with him.

We are parents to 3 boys and I really love being a boy mom! They are such sweet kids and I am so grateful they put up with me and all my shortcomings...(hmm...wonder if my baked goods have something to do with that?). They are the reason why I got into this whole photography thing!

I also love Food Photography!

Portrait photography is a blast! I love working with a variety of people, personalities and of thinking on my feet as environments and lighting conditions fluctuate, but when I need a break from posing living subjects or need some time alone to recharge my creativity, I dive into food photography. And the best part? When I'm done I can eat it...which makes it like double comfort food!

How Did I Get Into Food Photography?

It all started when...

a few neighbor mom friends invited me to be part of a salad swap.
Each of us made one salad and duplicated it 4 times, then met up to chat and exchange. What a godsend for that busy time of life with littles! When I got home I couldn't resist snapping photos of those beautiful salad jars!

Because my nerdy side loves a good alliteration "Plated Portraits" was born.

And yes, I am one of those weirdos you'll find at a restaurant taking photos of her food. ;)

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