Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I'm Clarisa!

I'm originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Utah as a child. I'm the wife of a brilliant tech nerd and mother to 3 really awesome sons. I love dark chocolate, dates to the local theater, and exploring new places.

I started dabbling in photography when my first son was born and almost immediately fell in love with this form of documenting life in all its beautiful, chaotic glory. I decided to sell my college car and buy my first "fancy" camera! From there I jumped into learning all I could with whatever spare time I have while raising my boys. I love the challenge of learning and practicing the technical aspects and also the fun creative challenge photography offers. I'm continually evolving as a person and in my craft--thus why I chose the name, "Evolve Photography".

As for food photography (random, right?) that began when some of my mom friends invited me to do a salad swap. I couldn't resist snapping photos of those beautiful salad jars, and was fascinated by the colors and various textures. Because my nerdy side loves a good alliteration, "Plated Portraits" was born. And yes, I am one of those weirdos you'll find at a restaurant taking photos of her food. ;)

Now that you know a little more about me, I would love to get to know you! Please get in touch so we can discuss your photography needs.

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