About Me

Hello! I'm Clarisa Wanlass and I'm so glad you're here.

I'm a food and portrait photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah and originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the color green, traveling, chocolate, cheese (ok...food in general!) and of course, photography! I come alive when I can be creative or when I can enjoy the creative talents of others. I'm the wife of a brilliant tech nerd and mother to 3 really awesome sons.

I fell in love with photography when I became a mom for the first time. The sleep deprivation of new parenthood made everything a blur and since I didn't always have time to sit and write, I began taking photos to document our family life. I'm passionate about preserving memories. Discovering how the use of light, color and various other elements can evoke a particular feeling or trigger a memory has made it even more fun!

As for food photography (random, right?) I've always appreciated a delicious dish of food, but something inside me came alive when some friends in my neighborhood started a salad swap exchanging jars of salad with each other. Not only did it feed me physically but it fed my creativity too and because I love a good alliteration, "Plated Portraits" was born. Nowadays, no plate of food is safe from me and my camera! ;)

Whether you need some updated family portraits to preserve your own family's story or you're a business owner looking to invest in high quality images for your marketing, I'd love to work with you! Go ahead and tell me a little about your needs by filling out the form below.