Bluffdale | F Family | Evolve Photography

This family was such a pleasure to photograph! They are some of the kindest and most easygoing people I've ever met. Catherine and I go way back! Her

Dad served a mission in Argentina (where my family is from) and was good friends with my Dad. When we moved to Utah we visited her family a handful of times and we would play together when we were kids. It wasn't until recently that we discovered we live in the same city and it has been wonderful to reconnect with her.

Can you even with these darling sisters and that light?!

This location is part of the Jordan River Trail and located in Bluffdale. This shoot took place in the evening and the golden hour light is SO pretty!

I love that soft golden glow surrounding these darling young ladies. It's magical.

Capturing personality and silly moments are a must!

I always aim to get variety of posed and smiling at the camera shots as well as those casual, candid moments that really tell your family's story.

Info about location

  • The trailhead is found here
  • There is a small parking lot next to the restrooms, or some street parking as well
  • This trail is enjoyed by many who enjoy running, walking, biking or horseback riding (watch wear you step!!).

Many enjoy this trail

Sometimes we would get everyone ready for the shot and then a runner or biker would be coming at us so we had to hurry and move aside, It's a great location, but just something to be aware of, especially if you have younger children. You will need to be alert and stay on your toes!

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